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Steps to Implementation, Maintenance Audits & Training

Steps to Implementation, maintenance audits and Training ISO 9001 ISO 13485 ISO 14001 ISO 17025 OHSAS 18001 AS9100 TS 16949 QS9000 Implementation

ISOmatrix initiates a new Quality Management System (QMS) implementation with:

  1. On-site training of our client’s staff to the requirements and expectations of the project. This includes a critical course on the introduction to the standard.
  2. Next comes information gathering from the relevant departments to begin charting the company's internal interactions and determination of relevant existing documentation and procedures.
  3. Creating a customized corporate Quality Manual that preserves the unique activities of each company is one of ISOmatrix's greatest strengths. Quality Manuals need to reflect the things that make your company special and ISOmatrix focuses on creating systems that take full advantage of our client company's competitive advantages from small Mom & Pops to Multi-facility, multi-nationals.
  4. Level 2 - procedures are the next level of documentation that ISOmatrix can prepare. There are procedures required by specific standards and ISOmatrix focuses on creating a perfect merge of each unique business with the written requirments of the standard with two goals in mind:
    • Meeting the requirements for certification
    • Maintaining a simplified document path as a useful system component for each unique business
  5. Level 3 - Work Instructions if requested. Once again, training on each Level is a critically important part of a successful implementation, so ISOmatrix performs on-site training to get each project off to the best possible result.
  6. Based on Client request, ISOmatrix can stay involved through the deployment phase or hand it over to managment.
  7. Certification audits by a qualified registrar follow close behind. Many times, our time-to-registration is in the 90-day timeframe from project start to ISO certification.
  8. Maintenance is an ongoing part of every ISO System and ISOmatrix provides customized solutions to our client needs. This can involve anything from a twice-a-year audit to several days a month of Systems-tune-up to keep you on track. Our ISO Systems maintenance services are hugely successful in reducing the cost and stress of keeping a highly effective ISO system running smooth and pain free.
To make it financially feasible, the California ETP funding program is available to offset training costs.  For ISO consulting southern california, ISOmatrix is your best choice.

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