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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does ISO 9001 take years to implement and hundreds of thousands of dollars?

A: No. Not anymore. Many ISOmatrix systems have been developed, implemented, deployed, audited and registered in 90 days. The ISOmatrix system is extremely efficient and our specialists are focused on hitting deliverable dates on time and on budget.

Q: I already have staff that can do audits. Why would I pay more to outsource ISO systems maintenance activities.

A: Internal Audits, Corrective and Preventative action reports take your valuable time and resources away from money making activities like building and shipping product. The lost production, risk of error, training, and other internal resource costs far far outweigh the cost of an ISOmatrix QMS specialist. On top of the audit skills, ISOmatrix QMS specialists are trained to look for simplification opportunities that can save you additional time and money down the road. Outsourcing to ISOmatrix is a significant cost saver.

Q: I got ripped off by a so-called Quality Consultant before. How can I trust ISOmatrix?

A: ISOmatrix is one of the only Quality Management Systems Consulting firms to be recommended by the top registrars. Check our references. Call our clients. We have earned their respect and we grow only through our referrals. We fully expect to have you on our referral list as well, so we need to perform for you. A big part of our success is based on ISOmatrix becoming an on-going Quality-Partner with each client. Our maintenance services depend on that. We absolutely need our clients to want to ask us back and we perform in a manner that makes that makes them glad to call.


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