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AS9100 Rev.C  - Transition - Starting This Year - 2010

Revision C is released and the changes are significant.  Call ISOmatrix to simplify and secure your transition.  Recommended transition solution is the integrated  ISOmatrix Maintenence Program plus Rev.C Upgrade.

Please watch this 3-minute video presentation on the AS9100 Rev. C transition


The Aerospace Stakeholders (Defense and Space, IAQG, Suppliers, Tier 1, Civil Aviation Authorities, etc) have recently upgraded the standard to include ISO 9001:2008 changes, expanded it to include Defense and Space industries, adopted new stakeholder requirements and clarified some existing requirements.  The changes are significant, will require new skill sets, and (among other adjustments) include the following:

  • Risk

The understanding of Risk and how the practice of Risk Management impacts the QMS upgrade to AS9100 Rev.C is critical for both implementation and Auditing.

  • Special Requirements

Integrating Special Requirements terminology and linkage to Risk Management activities is a key success factor in compliance to AS9100 Rev.C.

  • Critical Items

Adequate management of Critical Items activities that have a significant effect on product realization and their systemic linkage to Risk Management must be ensured for AS9100 Rev.C Compliance


The Aerospace industry has established specific requirements to drive the Quality and Reliability critical to the Aerospace industry. Achievement of certification to one or more standards within the family of Aerospace Quality Management Systems such as AS9100, AS9110 or AS9120, demonstrates a consistent approach to reducing risk, and continually improving quality and reliability of product.

Whether you’re looking to operate internationally or expand locally to accommodate new business, certification to the AS9100 family of standards provides firm evidence that your management system meets the exacting requirements of the aerospace sector.

AS 9100 benefits include:

  • Inclusion in the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) database
  • The ability to sell to the aerospace industry primes. The primes only purchase components from AS9100 certified suppliers.
  • Encourages international growth and sales through a common, global standard
  • Saves time through the reduction in second party system audits.
  • Risk Management is achieved by integration with systems compliance supported by international regulatory authorities
  • Improvement in brand reputation through the successful operation of globally accepted quality standards
  • Waste Reduction is achieved through the improvement of processes and removal of quality variations
  • Increases market opportunities through supply chain traceability that encourages clients to choose you over a competitor.
  • Facilitation of continual improvement through regular assessment focused on the improvement of processes.

The family of standards dedicated to the Aerospace industry includes:

  • AS9100 - Quality Management System Requirements for Design and/or Manufacture of Aerospace Products
  • AS91110 - Quality Management System Requirements for Maintenance Organizations
  • AS9120 - Quality Management System Requirements for Stockist Distributors
  • AS9003 - Inspection & Testing
  • AS9006 - Aerospace Deliverable Software Supplement to AS9100 standards

ISOmatrix includes linkages to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems components within each AS9100 system to simplify the upgrade potential.  The aerospace industry is trending towards Environmental Management and ISOmatrix is positioning as the development leader.


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